Welcome to the EUP

Welcome to the EUP, one of the leading schools of its kind in France and Europe. You will benefit from a particularly stimulating environment in which to study urban issues, as the EUP forms part of the Descartes Cluster and the “Pôle Ville” (“Cities Hub”), home to a school of architecture, engineering schools and numerous research centres where cities – and territories more generally – are the main focus of study and analysis.
Within this environment, the EUP offers a rich and varied curriculum covering many different fields that you will progressively discover, and in which you will ultimately spend all or part of your future professional life.
You will be assisted and accompanied in your studies with us by over a hundred research lecturers and urban-planning professionals from highly diverse backgrounds and horizons in terms of their disciplines and their areas of application. As nationally and internationally recognized specialists in their fields, we urge you to make the most of the academic diversity and resources that they represent.
You will also benefit from the support of the EUP’s administrative team, made up of some 15 staff members, who will be happy to assist you throughout your time here.

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