Overview of the master’s programme

Our master’s programme in urban planning and development is a comprehensive course based on complementary cross-disciplinary approaches combined with training in the skills and knowledge required today – and over the next 20 years – in the professional fields of urban planning, urban development and the management of territorial dynamics, as well as for research in these domains.

This curriculum gives students – whether they are new to urban planning or continuing previous studies – the means to respond in relevant and innovative ways to changing urban issues today and in the future. A common core of skills and knowledge in urban planning and development is provided in Year 1, while different tracks for in-depth professional training, along with a research path, are offered in Year 2.

This highly interdisciplinary master’s programme is accessible to students from a wide range of academic backgrounds (anthropology, architecture, economics, engineering sciences, geography, history, law, political science, public administration, sociology, urban development, etc.). It offers a variety of teaching and learning methods (lectures, workshops, dissertations, internships, fieldwork, individual and group work, etc.) and demands a high level of commitment from students to their education and training, with the aim of fostering a professional commitment to and involvement in the field of urban planning.



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